Look Up To See

Just a short post today.

The three photos I’ve chosen for this post Illustrate a point: you have to look up to see the unexpected bits of art and craft that surround you.  Our first carving is on Bearskin Neck in Rockport. Just a tiny little head carved on a gable end. The second is in Gloucester’s Rocky Neck. A not to impressive figure on a sort of billet head. Neither is an exacting feat of carving, but each is a small surprise for you as you stroll the neighborhood. Someone put care and craftwork into adorning their building, probably with the goal of entertaining the passerby.

The final piece is a professionally carved corbel that graces the doorway of a rectory near Newburyport’s historic downtown.

None of the three are invisible as you walk along the street, and they are not out of plain view. But, if you don’t look up you’ll miss them all. Next time you are on Cape Ann or in Newburyport see if you can find them.

If you missed them, and have to know where they are, message me, and I’ll send you locations.

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