Sacrilegious Roulette

Way back, before your time indeed. I hung out with others of a similar twist of character, although many at the time thought us more than a bit twisted. One of the idiot games we enjoyed playing was called sacrilegious roulette. The rules were simple. We sat around and blasphemed. The first struck by lighting won.
A large number of my friends were Boston College dropouts; one had even lost his “vocation.” It was this core within the group that was Jesuit trained and came up with astounding blasphemy. But, we remained unsmitten.
One day while driving to Newport for the Folk Festival, we were playing a particularly vicious round of sacrilegious roulette. We suddenly blew a front tire and swerved off the road into a rock outcropping. The car was a wreck, but the five of us were not hurt. On reflection, we all concurred that we had played our final round of sacrilegious roulette, and had come out with a draw.