We were sitting around in a circle. As one song ended, the next person in the ring would pick up and add her or his voice with a song of their choosing: Josh, someone new to us, joined the circle. Josh was carrying the Stella guitar that no one ever used. It had action so high that fretting was almost impossible. Abandoned by an uptown Folkie, this unwanted guitar got shifted from one corner of the living room to another, never getting played.
“Hey, Josh, here borrow mine, you’ll never get the old Stella to play.” ” Let me try a few things…see what I can make of it .”
He experimented with the fretting, tuned the old guitar up, and then his face lit up in a grin. From his pocket, he pulled a smooth brass tube and began to play a Delta blues tune using the old Stella as if it had always been a slide guitarist instrument.
When he ended, we were all both impressed and confounded. He had made music on an instrument we believed to worthless. “Hey, Wes, My ax was stolen last week, can I buy the Stella from you?”
Everyone in the circle stared at Josh. Pay money for it?
“Tell you what Josh, you can have the guitar. Just play some more.”