Sam & Xenia Correct the Christmas Story

The wood stove is a gathering spot for the family in winter. The other night after decorating the Christmas tree, we talked about what might have happened in the stable that first Christmas. After a bit, the cat and the dog gave us disgusted looks and broke the ancient pact of silence to correct the historical record.
According to Xenia, the little stable cat Moishe insisted that Jesus share his bed in the manger. Of course, Moishe promptly lay down with the warm baby for a nice winter nap. After all, it was the thought that counts. The kid gained, the cat gained, Mary got a little sleep because the baby liked the cat’s purring and slept through the night.
Our cattle dog Sam insists that the Holy family would never have made it to town if it hadn’t been for his ancestor Samuel. Samuel found them wandering around without a clue in the countryside and carefully herded them to the stable. He even volunteered his blankie, so Jesus didn’t have to sleep on the straw. Sam, being a cattle dog interested in a sizable herd, then went out and brought in the shepherds and flock. A few days after, he directed the three Wisemen ( with map problems ) to the stable.
Xenia and Sam were flat-out tired of people failing to get one of the all-time vital events of history correct. Humans! Can’t even get the Christmas story straight.”
We were suitably impressed and wisely kept our mouths shut.

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