Don’t be in a hurry. Take a break and regard your work. I don’t mean the usual of turning it upside down or taking it outside to look at from a distance. You should do all that too. No, I mean take a sedate journey on new ventures. Let them sit in the shop until you’ve lost your drive to complete them rapidly.
I have three ship portraits sitting in the shop that I stopped work on several months ago. They had problems, and I needed time to let my “back shop” analyze them and suggest remedies. Sometimes photos, drawings, and plans don’t tell the whole story, and a portrait doesn’t jell to perfection. So there it sits on a back shelf where I can look at it as I turn around but not think of it.
Yesterday the back shop – my pre-conscious mind- suggested the solution to an issue with the portrait of the steam yacht Zaida. So I’ll get one step closer to finishing it and getting it out of the shop.
Zaida was beginning to look to me like a returned expatriate, and that was good. I’d forgotten my original vision for the project and could better look at it as a stranger. Moreover, as a stranger, I could see what changes needed to be made to complete the project.
So on new designs especially, grant yourself the gift of time to sort out the plan.

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