Who is that masked man? That was a question that got asked towards the end of every Lone Ranger television show. It’s no news that it has new relevance these days.
People come up to me and expect instant recognition, and I ponder for five minutes trying to place the eyes and hair with someone I know. Voice is, of course, no aid; it’s muffled. It’s uncomfortable having an intimate conversation with someone you should know but don’t recognize. How does this stranger know such details of my life? Equally embarrassing is faking the knowledge of details of their life that you should know. You think you have it figured out, but don’t dare ask, “How is the divorce going?” for fear of being wrong.
Perhaps we all should spring for masks with our photos printed on them. You peer closely and see that it’s Carl, ” so sorry about the divorce Carl, did you get alimony?” It would be a bargain at any price to cut out the moments of piecing together clues – Carl, John, Mike, Claire? It might even be considered medicine. The medicinal value of friends not being alienated and feeling that your cognitive abilities have slipped into the senile would be huge.

This could be a great business opportunity. Is anyone interested in a sure-fire investment?

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  1. I hate the masks. I can’t hear what people are saying because I normally read lips along with trying to hear. Always have. I like the idea of putting the rest of our face on a mask. I could put a real smile on mine rather than the half crooked one I really have. 🙂 Could be worth the investment if I had any money. 😉

  2. I actually like the idea of lhaving my photo printed on a mask for fun. At the jail where I work, we are required to be masked around the inmates. My idea is, if we were allowed to have masks with our faces printed in a random pattern on them, we could trade new masks with each other and confuse the inmates.

    It probably looks way more hilarious in my head, but I’d have fun with it.

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