I have not always been a paragon of good taste, sensibilities, or behavior. Emphasize behavior, please. You could have described me as a cad, inappropriate, and always a sinner. I understood the feelings of Saint Augustine when he stated that “…it was wicked, but I loved it.”
Yup, it was wicked, and I loved it, especially when I met a young lady who was similarly inclined. Innocence is pleasing, but a sassy attitude, ahh sublime. No algid, chilled, or cold receptions wanted.
Just to keep things clear, the unwilling, uninterested, or ineligible were not my targets. I did curl my moustachio ends, which were waxed to points, of course, but only as an indication to the willing that I was ready to engage.
So like two ships of the line, we would move to engage, first firing shots off the bow, then coming in for broadsides, and at last boarding. In a proper engagement, victory was mutual. And worth cycling through time and time again.

Well, if you decide to misspend a youth, you owe it to yourself to do it well.