The young woman observed me throughout my set. It was a bit off-putting, frankly. I went back into the boiler room afterward; it was the only greenroom that this coffeehouse had for performers to tune instruments or have a cup of coffee. However, my privacy didn’t last. The young woman barged in and began berating me loudly.

According to her, I had left her pregnant and alone the previous year in Pocatello. I rushed to tell her that I’d never been to Pocatello and couldn’t imagine anyone being so stupid to leave her alone and pregnant. But, on examination, she agreed that I didn’t look anything like Tony up close. Having settled that, I took her to Rienzi for an espresso, and she told me all about the cad Tony, a personal tragedy executed by my Doppelgänger.
Dierdre and I spent a lovely week together, but I decided not to pursue a longer relationship once she started calling me Tony at intimate moments. She grew forgetful about the differences.

Being second best is one thing, but being second best to a dingier cad who just happens to have your nose and lips is insufferable. I had my standards.

I escorted her uptown to the Port Authority Terminal and put her on a Greyhound to Pocatello.

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