Not to be flippant, trample on the rights of others, or be rude, but the comfort of my tender body is a priority. So mother, seeing the distress in my languid eyes, rushed out to procure the most recent technology for cats suffering from a July heat wave. Well done, oh good and faithful servant.

The person who invented the individual air conditioner for cats was a genius. Nobel Prize Committee, take note. Amen.

9 Replies to “Personal!”

  1. We have heard our humans grumble about the electric bill. Hey! Try wearing a fur coat year-round and let me know how that goes.

    1. What? the gerbil is not a member of the union yet? Xenia will send out the enrollment package ASAP – dues are very reasonable.

      1. Lol, oh no! I actually put the crap fan on the gerbil last night — but then I thought of how he was splayed atop his little hut, sooo cute but sooo pathetic…and at 2 a.m., I put the good fan on him and took the crap fan for myself. Both husband & son had wondered overnight or this morn why the (good) fan was pointed “at the wall.” 😄

  2. Is that a cat-specific one? I didn’t know such things existed! Louis Catorze would disapprove of the noise and the airflow.

    1. My wife gave me this one for Father’s Day. They are very popular at the facility where she works because the residents can’t stick their fingers in the fan, and they operate on a USB plug. Xenia saw it on the deck and decided that Mom had intended it for her.

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