The dark silhouette of a woman gestured for me to come forward and whispered to me, ” are you ambidextrous?” Somehow the way she asked it didn’t suggest an idle inquiry into my handedness – it was too breathy, too much possessed of innuendo to be taken at face value. I reached forward to embrace her. and wound up in a tangle of my bedding. Just another sad reminder that there was no woman in my life. Much less a temptress in the shadows asking the mundane but accepting only the sublime.
I let go of my hurt loudly, “I gotta get a life!!!”

It had been so real. But maybe it had been the macaroni and cheese with chili sauce I had had at the local greasy spoon last night. It had been tough like it had the tenacity to crawl off the plate to whack me. I guess the waitress could have been the beauty in the dark. Indigestion will do things like that to you.

Looking at the clock, I found that it was only four in the morning. The rain outside was loud enough to sound like it was beating the ground up. I could sleep another two hours.
As I lay down, I deliberately attempted to return to where my dream had let off. There she was, standing in the shadows of the doorway. Her hair is all smooth perfection…her lips…wait a minute…what lips? What’s that smell? Cat food? “Hey! Get off my chest!” Yuck, cat food mouth at six AM!

“You’ll get your breakfast after I get rid of this cat food taste, you damn idiot!” Way to kill a wonderful dream…get a cat…have companionship! Right.

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