Being petulant is not just for children and adolescents. Many otherwise sober, upstanding adults are known to have tantrums when things don’t go their way. Recently there has been a major political bruhaha over when to concede a contest. In the world of sports, there always seems to be some drama, and don’t get me started on Reality TV.
Take the word orange, for example. A friend of mine is a graphic designer, and if I say orange, she may inform me that what I am referring to is actually ‘tangerine.’ If she gets particularly incensed, a Pantone color chart may come out and get waved under my nose. But throughout, she maintains her poise and dignity. It’s a discussion, not an argument, even if only one rendering is indeed accurate!

I rise above these petty concerns. And just as long as you understand that Luan is not a true Mahagony, Brazilian cherry is not the cherry I carve, or red oak and white oak have different characteristics, we’ll get along fine.

Just don’t get smart. See?

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