The Harvest has come

It’s pure, all natural, and he tells me it’s only catnip. Safe for my enjoyment, he says. I insist on proof of origin. Which part of the garden was it harvested in? The shade of the woods or the bright sun of the vegetable garden. The sun grown is more robust, with earthy tones of vibrant growth. The shade grown is more subtle. It calls out to other taste buds – slightly fruity, with a slight aftertaste of oak and maple from the rich woodland border on which it is grown.

At Chateau Xenia, we harvest no catnip before it’s time…it’s so hard being an epitome of the refined taste.

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  1. My cat received some “store bought” nip ( which she’ll never touch) the label was the first thing I read – Pure all natural catnip – and thus the story.

    1. Thanks for alerting me to what was missing. Today I dug into the WordPress settings and figured out how to put in what I was missing!

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