If you have read many of my earlier posts, you might have guessed that I not only engaged in louche lifestyles, I fully embraced them. Rake, yes, morally questionable, check, and not of reputable taste and decadent, absolutely. Sometimes it took great willpower to maintain it all. After all, I lacked the financial wherewithal to make it shine. I was too poor to wear the threads that bespoke elegantly seedy. I was poor man chic.

Sometimes I would fall into fits of pique that my aspirations were frustrated.

Eventually, despite my tremendous willpower, I slipped into more conventional modes of attire and behavior. I knew that I had humongous potential but could not fulfill my dreams. 

It brought to mind the Robert Browning quote: “…a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?”

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    1. I read the post you made the other day regarding him. It seems as though he’s squared himself away Bristol Fashion, without cutting off the interesting parts of his personality. Some of us do grow up and become adults ( at least most of the time).

      1. Well, I am not sure I am an adult, so it may be both of our faults. Squabbling two year olds.

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