A Trip to the Vets

Mother took father to the vet today. When he came home, we walked with a big thingee and limped. The dog and I actually had a conference about it. Sometimes he isn’t as stupid as he looks. Max said that he stunk of shots. He hoped that they hadn’t “fixed” him. I heard Mother say something about his sleeping downstairs.

The gall! How am I going to nurse him back to health with licks, kisses, and fur therapy? Loud purrs are clinically proven to be a valuable tool in promoting healing.

The dog and I worry that Mother took him to a vet for humans rather than our doctor; Dr. Balderelli is the best. I hope that where he went is OK.

But they must be foolish. They forgot to put the Collar of Shame on him: incompetence, just plain stupid incompetence.

What if he attempts to bite his stitches?

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    1. They refuse to listen to prudent advice, AS Empress of all I curvy I know best. I am sure that you defer to the wisdom your cats! – Xenia (H.I.M.)

  1. Well, I came home from hip surgery, smelling like a hospital, and they suspect that something is going on. The dog woke me up with a wet nose several time last night, followed me to the bathroom, and stands alongside the walkers until I get going. He’s the on duty nurse.

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