Good Intentions

The pumpkins have run riot and obstruct the path leading back to the tomatoes. At this point in the summer, it’s hard to recall my genius plan for keeping my small garden well tended. It failed.
OK, I do have an excuse. The hip operation has meant that almost a month has passed without suckering the tomatoes. The cukes need tending as well. Anything could lurk in there and probably does. August, a garden untended, only bad things could happen.

It would take a caped crusader to fight a way through the tangles. Even the dog hesitates to travel too far into our little “Heart of Darkness”; he knows that the tremendous wooly unknown could lurk anywhere. So I toss a treat into the jungle and say, ” go get it” he looks at me like I’m nuts.

I’m shamed at how it’s turned out. As usual, good intentions went wrong, but I’ll share a picture of how it looked in April, full of promise.

I might need a flame thrower to clear this mess.

6 Replies to “Good Intentions”

  1. Haha, I remember when we had squash vines trailing around the garden and Louis Catorze used to clear them with a flying leap each time. I thought he was being dramatic but then I discovered that the plants have barbs! Smart kitty!

  2. I experimented one year with planting a butternut squash in a flower bed next to a woven fence. I was pleased with the four or five squash I got out of it, then my neighbor asked me if she could have those that grew on her side of the fence.

    I hadn’t spotted the production on that side, which was sunnier and apparently more to the plant’s liking because my neighbor harvested 15 of them.

    Since she didn’t like squash as food, the only reason I could imagine for them, I was appalled when I discovered she used them as Halloween “ghost” decorations! (They barely passed as that.)

    Had I known they’d be wasted that way, of course, I would have harvested them for my own use.

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