Like, Wow!

He thought he was done collecting herbs for the day. I said, “where in the hell in my nip!” He said, tomorrow. I suggested a wet willy in the ear at 3 AM might be just the ticket. He went right back to the garden.

Like, Wow! This is good stuff. Lots of sun, dry. It’s vintage year…let’s see Chateau Xenia 2022. I like the sound of that.

Damn, I’m so hungry. After food I’ll nap. Wow!

5 Replies to “Like, Wow!”

  1. We had a catastrophic ‘nip crop loss here in Western Nebraska this year. The surviving crop is well along, if not ready for routine pickin’. Andy is distraught, but better to wait than to take too soon, eh? (Convince the cat….)

    1. while it’s true (acceding to Xenia ) that no nip should be picked before it’s time the special treat that is catnip flower heads must be indulged in – cat hash shish.

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