I can do a credible job of a number of commonplace, and less commonplace skills. They are particular to my aptitudes and interests, but I am not a one note sort of guy. Starting with folksinger, Surgical Technician, practicing anthropologist, program director, executive director, and videographer I have a small bevy of abilities that have kept me from being poor.

There is a lot of career advice today – get a degree in finance, get an MBA, law is the way to go or maybe nursing. Not a single one of these is bad advice- just incomplete. What if your primary career choice is flooded with new grads. It does happen. Or what if you come to truly abhor the exclusive niche environment of your specialty? Worse of all AI or something else makes you obsolete? Your answer to this should be the plan B that you are developing for a just in case scenario.

Want to be secure, independent? get multiple skills.

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  1. I agree, Lou. I’ve worn 8 different hats in my life: teacher, editor, tv production, writer, jeweler, papermaker, curator and mixed-media artist. Not to count my summer as a waitress at age 16! Jobs evolved as my life evolved and I actually loved every one.

    1. It makes for a more interesting life, Judy. How boring to have only done one thing! Thanks for reminding I’ve also taught, waited on table, curated and edited, too! I bet you’ve forgotten a few also.

    1. Now Tracy, you know it is not safe to leave me to ponder open ended questions like that…you know by now how my mind wanders in strange byways…so I blush to think about the policy areas you were involved in. You naughty person!

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