Clancy in a “mood”

The Devil Cat made me do it

I’ve had some interesting relationships with cats. Here are some of those stories

The Director’s Chair

It was supposed to be a modern family remake of War and Peace. But with this crew, it will likely turn out as a middle school version of Waiting for Godot.


Game On! the first chipmunk of the season has been sighted. Yes, he was not one of the chubbier chippies that are so appealing. He appeared this morning on the ice near the stone wall. Father rebuked me because I did not chafe and bark at the door or howl with outrage.


The cat and the new dog have unionized over the issues of food and feeding times…it’s going to be touch and go until the new contract gets signed

New Room

We finished the major renovation on the back room – soon to be my wife’s room for all the activities she has had no space for over the years.

Caped Crusader!

“Max! Let go of that towel!”

Pernicious rumors

There is a pernicious rumor that father makes these combs for my grooming. I want to address this in a direct and frank manner.


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