Clancy in a “mood”

The Devil Cat made me do it

I’ve had some interesting relationships with cats. Here are some of those stories


A new inductee to Xenia’s Palace Guard, Max shows off his zippy new dress uniform. H.I.M. Xenia states that she had the design created at a famous couture house specifically to give a new look to the Guard.

Last On The Card April-2022

At his pre induction physical candidate for H.I.M. Xenia’s Palace guard shows us his moves. Xenia states that for a dog he might do.


The remarkable consensus among cats is that they invented great art. Humans merely did a monkey see, and monkeys do routine in admiration of the feline example. 

Breakfast Aria

This morning a five Xenia, Warrior Princess, and Empress of all she surveys decided that it was light enough that I should get up to feed her.


Another rainy day? And why are you waking Moi? Is it time for a second breakfast? No? Is it time for nip? No?

Fresh Food

I thought I was being wily.

Therapist Needed?

The springtime clean up. If I’m not supervising he’d cover the catnip in mulch!


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