Clancy in a “mood”

The Devil Cat made me do it

I’ve had some interesting relationships with cats. Here are some of those stories

Spoils of War

George couldn’t let it be.

To Scale

Clancy was never one to miss a meal

Cat About Town

” Come up to my place, my chef will prepare some roast beef for us.”


You wake. Where or when am I? From traffic sounds and the smell of frying eggs, I determine that I’m still among the living.

Hell Hath No Fury…

my cat believed in terminal solutions and threw himself at the Clown’s face.

Sound Track for Violence

A shelter for cats I’m familiar with plays music to calm and entertain the felines and two-legged staff. Researchers have composed music that they say cats appreciate. I knew this years ago.

Present Arms!

His routine was to present them in a lineup first thing in the morning as I got up to make coffee and feed him. He would sit at the end of the line, chest out, immeasurably proud of the body count. You could almost hear the crisp tones of “Present Arms!”


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