Clancy in a “mood”

The Devil Cat made me do it

I’ve had some interesting relationships with cats. Here are some of those stories


I bought this as a light box to photograph small items for the e-commerce site I’l planning on starting

Route 1

thing about this time of summer.

Xenia’s Artists Statement

As you may be aware my cat Xenia is not only Her Imperial Majesty of All She Surveys, but also a “talented” artist. Looking forward to her first one-cat show, she used an online artist statement creator to come up with her exhibit statement. Later she cleaned it up a bit and personalized it:

Can You Hear Me!?

This sweet little cat is the petite dynamo Smidgen. Smidgen was the immediate successor to the Clancy ( AKA The Grey Menace) and the predecessor to Xenia ( Empress of all she surveys). Yes, you can see where this is headed. To look so sweet and be so imperious – it took talent.


The Gray Menace’s nemesis slunk away into the woods, once again inadequate.

Ring-Tail Tom

The Grey Menace remained a proud, loud, and strutting tomcat well into his ninth year. With the dark grey rings in his fur, he was the Ring-Tail Tom of the old folksong.

Who’s Got The Remote?

Xenia, Empress of all she surveys, has joined me as I prepare my blog posts in the morning. At first, I assumed she was waiting for me to head to the kitchen and give her a treat.

Bad Juju

and, “messing with his toys is bad juju.” Zack continued to pull the stuffed seal toy out of the Grey Menace’s paws.


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