Clancy in a “mood”

The Devil Cat made me do it

I’ve had some interesting relationships with cats. Here are some of those stories

A Trip to the Vets

Mother took father to the vet today. When he came home, we walked with a big thingee and limped.

Super Hero

My superhero costume just arrived. OK, it’s a bit tight, but it displays all my muscles just fine. I asked for red, but mom got this color instead. So it will do for now. I want the red one with a blue cape by Halloween, though.

The Harvest has come

t Chateau Xenia, we harvest no catnip before it’s time…


The dark silhouette of a woman gestured for me to come forward and whispered to me, ” are you ambidextrous?”

Creative Food

I am being careful and trying hard not to distract myself from the important stuff.

The Feline Mystique

The new stool by the bed makes it easier for me to lick his ear at two AM.


Mine has a harbor scene of a fictional coastal city in Maine. I know people with elaborate desserts and mountain scenery and one who used to have a science fiction-themed one. These are model railroads.


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