Crazy Like Me?

Folkies were avid folk music junkies into alternative and bohemian lifestyles. We were not Hippies. Here are some tales about my experiences.

The Great Old Ones

The chalk and crayon marking the plain maple surface might resemble a compass to the uninitiated, but it was supposed to be a means of focusing our psychic energy.

Cool Baby

Hidden among the cobwebs in many family attics are the ghostly remains of Granpa and Granma’s wild past.


A sense of proportion is always helpful. I have been offshore in an aircraft carrier and a ketch. You are uncomfortable on the carrier in a big blow, while you could fear for your life in the ketch.


Sooner or later, you come down to discussing with your guitar serious stuff: “I need a note, and you ain’t giving it to me.”


each autumn, I’d turn serious and carefully consider my options for finding warmth and security for the coming winter. Please no grasshopper/ant comparisons!


I frequented a Charles Street Coffehouse in the sixties that opened around noon with a limited menu of well-prepared French cuisine. I could afford to order coffee there; lunch was beyond my means.


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