Crazy Like Me?

Folkies were avid folk music junkies into alternative and bohemian lifestyles. We were not Hippies.

I’ve gathered together some of my memories. There are few stories of the great, except by reflection.

Just as in a grand opera the stage is flooded with people. Only a few are stars. But the rest of us also have our stories and those are the ones I choose to tell.


People who knew me then and later became reacquainted with me had issues getting used to calling me Lou and accepting the fact that I was not always on the road and doing nutsy things.

Party Time

The Monk looked at the Teahouse of the August Moon and stated, “pareidolia, seeing a pattern or image that is not there. A psychological phenomenon not uncommon in inebriates.


It was perhaps ten PM. Sitting in the back of the coffeehouse Rienzi, my girlfriend practiced her version of “A High flying Bird”


It was one of those rambling discussions that tend to occur at four AM when everyone was sobered up, tired, but too revved up to sleep.


Stella was first posted two years ago on this date, and I am presenting it as a Flashback Friday special:


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