Crazy Like Me?

Folkies were avid folk music junkies into alternative and bohemian lifestyles. We were not Hippies.

I’ve gathered together some of my memories. There are few stories of the great, except by reflection.

Just as in a grand opera the stage is flooded with people. Only a few are stars. But the rest of us also have our stories and those are the ones I choose to tell.


My most memorable gift stands right behind me as I write. In 1962 My parents gifted me with my Harmony guitar.

around four Am

So, since August, I’ll have these waking periods while it’s still dark. Then, unable to get back to sleep, I’ll slip into my office, pick up my old guitar and start practicing.

Saint Louie Tickle

Being a bit brazen paid off in the Village. Performers cultivated idiosyncrasies to distinguish themselves from all the Dylan, Peter Paul, and Mary, or Joan Baez wannabees walking down Bleeker or McDougal at any given time. There were blue Chambray shirts and jeans for the Dylanesque and black turtlenecks and jeans for those more closely…

The Great Turkey Piñata

Over the years, I’ve seen some funny stuff done to Thanksgiving turkeys. Big birds with extra legs “grafted” on, toy aliens breaking through the breasts of the turkey, and birds with potent marijuana rubs. Delivered to the table for carving, these holiday turkeys distract from anything that might have been done to side dishes.


“if you don’t want to do time, don’t do the crime.” This was the advice given to street punks in New York City when I was growing up.

Pizza Night

They are asking people not to lick the poisonous toads at National Parks, and it’s kind of a back to the ’60’s moment for me. Yes, I was there. The original “let’s try toasted banana peel with cardamon and pepper” days of experimentation.


One of my first stops after getting out of the Navy was in Baltimore. Many friends lived there, and it had been a congenial haven in my earlier “on the road” days. Since I planned on returning to my dissolute ways, it was a logical place to start; good friends, good parties, and a jumping-off…

Over The Top

Halloween bashes were so noisy and over the top on Beacon Hill that there was a long quiet lull for weeks after. It was like the party engine had run out of gas. Friday evenings leading up to Halloween had been on the sordid side. Now they seemed quiet and repentant.


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