Reviewed: a day in the life

Same old Same old made some money.


After a few days, Bob and Chris would sweep us out of the house if we hadn't already crisped our welcome by arguing too loud at four in the morning.


Not being one to hold my feeling in, I shared my opinions. At my favorite drinking establishment, the wise heads of the Harvard Gardens sagely nodded their heads in agreement.

The Artist Statement

Many artist's statements are full of hyperbole, vague statements, and references to famous people that no one has read, but that they heard about in an art history course. The artist's statement Bill's friends had provided avoided most of that. It was modest. We changed that.


The problem with imagination is that it's boundless. On the wall is a poster telling you that you can do it if you can imagine it. Don't take it too literally.


I have to quit driving straight through from North Carolina to Massachusetts in one go. The fifteenth hour of driving is the worst.