My shops tend to get set up wherever there is room; esthetics be damned.


workers spend money on foolish things every year. Why? We see it on the web in a video or the catalog and realize that it is the solution to a problem we do not have. So out flashes the credit card, and next week we are looking for storage space for the new item.

Flashback Friday – July 16 – Critical Tool?

Articles regularly appear in the woodworking periodicals about the essential power tool in your shop. The authors make convincing arguments for their choices, too. I prefer to think in terms of what suite of crucial tools makes your work possible? Your answer will vary with the materials you work with, how you change them, and the product you produce.

Opportunity Too

It was one of those "Don't you dare, come any closer" situations. It was an after-the-show dinner at a restaurant set on a pier.


Most of what I do is obsolete; historical affectations. Wooden spoons and bowls? Quarterboards for sloops and schooners? Carved eagles for transoms? All joyously obsolete. And that's the point.

Pro Bono

Pro Bono work, work you do for free or at a significantly reduced fee, can be rewarding; or not. It can depend on how entitled or grateful the recipient is.