The Creative Process

Some artists, musicians, writers, and craftspeople - most creative types - are uncomfortable with having viewers ogling their creative practices. There is a certain discomfort at having the inner workings discovered, so there is a tendency to throw a shroud over the proceedings.

Sweepers. Sweepers!

Yesterday was a reorganization day in the 8X10 carving shop. I have to reorganize spring and fall because the shop still fulfills its original purpose as a greenhouse for some of our tender perennials, such as the bay and our rosemary plants. 


n my previous incarnation as a practicing anthropologist, I used to be involved in many folk art and craft presentations. Through these programs, I was exposed to some truly wonderful people who were masters of what they did: Ukrainian and Polish Easter Egg makers, boatbuilders, blacksmiths, textile artists, and musicians.


I have never been a fan of magazines for males like GQ. I also abandoned the Playboy Philosophy early on. " Come up to my pad, and see the etchings while I spin some California Cool Jazz and chill a magnum" wasn't going to happen while I wore ratty jeans and lugged the guitar around from folkie coffeehouse to crummy dive bar.


You can not put a Genie back into the bottle. It's like repacking one of those tents from the big box store. First, take it out, then use it. Then, try to fit it back in the bag the way it started. Forget about it.

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