Song Lyric Sunday – Highway to Hell – Like you never seen it! Livin' easyLovin' freeSeason ticket on a one way rideAskin' nothin'Leave me beTakin' everythin' in my strideDon't need reasonDon't need rhymeAin't nothin' that I'd rather doGoin' downParty timeMy friends are gonna be there too I'm on the highway to hellOn the highway to hellHighway to hellI'm on the highway to hell No stop signsSpeed limitNobody's …


"Don't worry; it will all work out." if you hear those words run like hell for the exit.


Proteus was known for his ability to escape by changing his shape or appearance. It's a handy skill to have when you need it. On the other hand being Protean to conceal your lack of conviction can brand you as shallow.