A Sapping Season

Here is a video I made a few years ago about a typical sapping season for making maple syrup. I'm a strictly kitchen operation and aim to make just enough for family and friends.


People who know me well enough know that I don't do a great job of long-term anger. I complain loudly, but it passes rapidly. Stoic I am not.

Mid Watch

You get a sort of meager slumber. Night-Ops rumbling above, General Quarters can sound any time; and up you'd rise to your assigned station.


Let's see hitching rides in the rain with a hole in the sole of one shoe; squish squish to Boston. Owning one blanket, and the girlfriend who is staying over turns out to be a blanket hog; so romantic.

The Movement

Friends had indicated with the twirling finger by the temple that Joey was nuts. In that decade known for the outre, Joey was a further outlier.

The Rev

One night I borrowed his custom-made Guild guitar for a gig. Of course, I forgot to ask.