Molasses Cookies

It's been decades. But every time I visit Portland, it's inevitable that I'll think about those cookies. Losing a good friend is always hard, but losing a great molasses cookie. That's tragic.

The Artist Statement

Many artist's statements are full of hyperbole, vague statements, and references to famous people that no one has read, but that they heard about in an art history course. The artist's statement Bill's friends had provided avoided most of that. It was modest. We changed that.


Sitting on the float, I could look at my reflection in the water. If I shifted focus, I could see the thousands of small jellyfish swarming around the float and the nearby wharf.


The problem with imagination is that it's boundless. On the wall is a poster telling you that you can do it if you can imagine it. Don't take it too literally.

At Last

It was not the first time the plan to stock the house with live prey was attempted. It was just the ultimate victory of feline cunning and canine persistence winning out over human idiocy. Finally!


I have to quit driving straight through from North Carolina to Massachusetts in one go. The fifteenth hour of driving is the worst.