You can't carve without removing wood. And removing wood can be as delicate a process as lightly slipping the gouge through the wood or propelling it forcefully. Apply too much force in the wrong situation, and you have lovely kindling.


It sails on my wall with a cherry ocean and sky heading east from Japan or China towards Los Angelos. I think my father is pleased that his ship is restored to an essential place in our lives, through the unexpected kindness of a fellow seaman.

Eagle Eyes

While teaching, I always like to decorate the workshop with carving examples for students to use as a reference. Week-long excursions to teach away from home mean emptying the house of many of my carvings. But samples in three dimensions often are better than pictures or demonstration, and the extra work was worth it.

The Shop

A twelve-step program for compulsive tool buyers might help. But I have a thing about being away from my tools for meetings. Just taking the time to write this keeps me away from browsing the Lee Valley site, not to mention Rockler, Woodcraft, and Highland Woodworking.

Holiday Travel

Holiday travel, by thumb, can be a joyful or stressful thing. Often by turns in the same day. At no other time of the year are you likely to find as much generosity or so much danger waiting for you as you stand on the roadside.


The Grey Menace loved playing cat hockey in the kitchen. So the idea was that I'd kick one of the dozens of little hi-bounce balls towards the refrigerator. He'd then move in defending the goal - the grill under the fridge. Then, with a twitch of the paw, he'd agilely deflect the ball towards me.


I was about to be dumped. The dumper was an adorable woman who seemed to be searching for a free pass to move on. Over the past month, she had gradually made it clear that I had not made the grade and was history.


Much of the attention paid to clutter focuses on the actual physical nature of clutter and less on why we collect. For me, it's a simple case of " I am; therefore, I collect."