It sails on my wall with a cherry ocean and sky heading east from Japan or China towards Los Angelos. I think my father is pleased that his ship is restored to an essential place in our lives, through the unexpected kindness of a fellow seaman.

Eagle Eyes

While teaching, I always like to decorate the workshop with carving examples for students to use as a reference. Week-long excursions to teach away from home mean emptying the house of many of my carvings. But samples in three dimensions often are better than pictures or demonstration, and the extra work was worth it.

The Shop

A twelve-step program for compulsive tool buyers might help. But I have a thing about being away from my tools for meetings. Just taking the time to write this keeps me away from browsing the Lee Valley site, not to mention Rockler, Woodcraft, and Highland Woodworking.

Not As They Appear

Right off from the start, I knew that Rory and I would not be friends. If the bluff macho sort of way he related to everything was not enough, it was his referring to me as beanpole in a semi-sarcastic tone of voice. when I told him to stop calling me that, he just smiled and said, " sure…beanpole!"


There was a tiny islet that was my personal airy from which I could view the cove. When things were awful, I could row out and use it as a place to rant noisily. None other than the shorebirds heard me.


A sense of proportion is always helpful. I have been offshore in an aircraft carrier and a ketch. You are uncomfortable on the carrier in a big blow, while you could fear for your life in the ketch.


I was sorting through a pile of old documents from undergrad days and found the poster below. I've written previously about the Gray Menace - Clancy J. Bümps- But you didn't know about his celebrity status at the University.


We are late in starting the Annual Festival of Wood. Here it is the first full day of Autumn, and all I've done is shift a fifth of a cord of ash closer to the side porch for easy access during winter storms.