Puppy Bowl

I will not be sitting on the couch yelling for a goal.

Nor do I want to throw sand on football fans or offer them condolences when the favored team loses. No, I’ll have a hard enough time deciding which team of puppies I’ll root for on Puppy Bowl. So many extravagant personalities, so little teamwork, and so many amusing moments.

I plan to watch it in my office with our dog Max ( pass the pretzels, dad.) and our cat Xenia ( this is soooo stupid, they’re dogs, for Bastest’s sake!)

I’ll probably shuffle back and forth on rooting for Team Ruff and then for Team Fluff.

The cat, of course, will spend the game snookered on catnip ( it’s the only thing that makes watching puppies with dad doable.) and the dog begging for treats (I’m still a growing puppy, dad.)

In recent years corporate sponsors have sponsored the stadium and various awards for the pups (MVP- Most Valuable Puppy). It’s all about finding homes for the puppies and supporting the shelters.

Somehow the cause of homeless puppies seems much more worthy of my support than the NFL.

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