False Prophets

“The Monte, cards tricks, the wallet scam – all those are quick ways to make a bit of fast money. But the spirit world and religion, now those are the real way to wealth.” “But,” chimed in my friend Bill ” people are getting caught all the time doing that.” We stopped to open fresh bottles of beer. Our con artist friend John is visiting us. And we are, as usual, dubious of his grand claims. When we see him, we always seem to buy the beer.
“People get caught because they fool around with the organist, get too greedy with the collection tray, or make too many false prophesies.” Then he doubled down on his perpetual theme that the true con artiste “enrolled” the fish into the con. The fish became so invested that even if they were a bit suspicious, their level of involvement discouraged them from whistle-blowing. “So,” he asked, “can I stay on the couch for a few days?” I looked at him and asked: “Sure, but what happened?”
“I was sure that Marcia, that’s the organist, was cool with the whole deal. It just goes to show you can’t trust anyone anymore.”

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