Proteus was known for his ability to escape by changing his shape or appearance. It's a handy skill to have when you need it. On the other hand being Protean to conceal your lack of conviction can brand you as shallow. 

Travel Food

Steinbeck's observation in Travels with Charlie that stuck with me was that you could still get an excellent inexpensive breakfast almost anywhere in the US. A few years after he wrote that I was able to confirm his observation with personal experience.


A few years ago, they began creeping out of cupboards, or probably more likely rolltop desks. More than one began worrying about what the inlaws would say. Others greeted the results with interest and celebration.


To learn a game, a coach comes in handy. In this case, I am referring to Bocci and how a small improvised Bocci court grew to have a sort of titanic influence on the people who casually used it.


There was nothing actually radical about most of us living at the Folkie Palace. Left-Wing, sure. While most of us were self-described as Anarchists, many argued that the description had more to do with our lifestyle than with actual political intent.