She looked up from the dictionary of obsolete usage, smiled at me, and said, "you are a smiker."

In Between

Did you ever notice how much time gets spent "in-between?" We travel, and most of the time, it is neither departure nor arrival.

Playing With Fire

One of the Baltimore friends had spent, or misspent, a youth working in carnivals and small circus'. As a sideshow side job, he'd dabbled in ( his words not mine) swallowing sharp objects and flame swallowing.


If you were me in the '60s and early '70s, you always walked with one shoulder higher than the other.


While in the Navy, I served with a former professional bull rider named John. He described a bull ride as the most dangerous eight seconds in sports.


A cat can be a fearsome opponent. Ounce for ounce, an enraged feline can do more damage than most other beasties two to three times their size.

Friday Night Party

Down the corridor, a contest was going on between the Grey Menace and his buddy the double clawed Jean LeFoot. It was similar to the human "game" of one punch - give me your best shot, except with paws. They were very bored.


The racket from the football game drowned everything out except for Carl's loud snore. It would not be wise to wake him and stop the snoring

The Chest

The Cap'n kept his finances close to his chest, so to say. In a small locked chest below his desk.