Young Love

Ah, young love. Where has it flown? The pessimist sees the inscriptions as passing fancy, while the optimist sees them as a flowering of interest and prospects for a bright future. We found these near the rear entrance of the room we are renovating. They probably date to the same period as the newspapers used for insulation, 1946.
People leave inscriptions like these all the time, knowing that they never are seen again or only revealed long years after. But, unlike declarations carved onto visible surfaces, they can’t be visited in later years to be defaced in regret or celebrated for the certainty of the feelings.

So some seventy-odd years later, we wonder what happened to Judy and Ricky; or Sharon and Pete?

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  1. Aw! 😊 Great find! What are you going to add before you cover it up again? (I left any new inscriptions up to husband; he probably wrote “Help!”)😂

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