January Thaw

January thaw in New England is an iffy deal. I've seen long periods when the temperature soared towards the seventies. But, I've also seen hurry up jobs where it got into the fifties for a single day and then dove into the frigid teens.

Bristol 27

A friend owned a Bristol 27. A boat that could be comfortable for two on extended cruising but wasn't something two people could liveaboard.


The healthy growth of forests was a later phenomenon, he told me. When he was young, there were few trees; wood got cut for heat.

The Woodbox

While we had been courting visits to grandmother during the winter had required heating soapstone bedwarmers on the stove and putting them in the bed before retiring.


Spinney, a dedicated deacon in his church, took the old testament injunction to heart: “You shall not muzzle an ox while it treads out the grain.”

Light Air

Sultry is not the usual term used for days on the coast. The realtors, tourist industry, and boat brokers want you to think about cooling breezes, glorious summer sunsets on the beach, and romantic dinners at outside venues.