Mad As Hell

If you don’t hang out with many older people, you may not realize that they lay proud claim to the term – crotchety. You might even think that they are impervious to your appeals to be more accepting of variance in their daily lives. Or you could behave in a derisory manner and moan and complain that they view everything in a negative light.

You got it wrong, kiddo! It’s none of the above. It’s just that after spending years of listening to idiots blather on non-sensically about things that affect our lives, we’ve decided to blather back a bit and tell you how we really feel about:

Select all that apply –

  • Jerk politicians
  • dumb political commentators
  • Junk mail
  • people who constantly call you “Dearie.”
  • scam emails
  • vicious relatives
  • Nasty children
  • poorly cooked food
  • prices at the supermarket
  • add in the peeve of your choice_______ _______ ______

There! I’ll bet right about now you are saying, “Hey! Lou is right…those things make me mad as hell too!”

So head on over to your window. Open it up, and holler out – “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

Don’t wait till you get Social Security, or whatever you get where you live. Come over to the cantankerous side of life. Let everyone know that they’ll get messed up if they mess with you! Resistance is futile

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