What is your middle name? Does it carry any special meaning/significance?

What’s in a middle name? In the case of my family, lots.
Nicholas alternates from first to the middle over the generations on the Catalan side of my family, and I have continued the passage. So I am Louis Nicholas Carreras, my youngest is Louis Nicholas, and my oldest is Nicholas Aladar Carreras. The middle name Aladar is the gift of the Hungarian part of the family through my great uncle Aladar. That’s another story.

I think names are nothing but placeholders unless there is a history behind them. History is how we take the irregular mess of mere events, put it into some order, and keep alive the dreams of the generations that came before us.
In the case of those named Nicholas Carreras’ the history is deep. There are so many that it is hard to trace them, even through the lengthy baptismal records of the churches in Girona, where the family originated. In a way, that’s home.

My middle name says much more than who I am; it indicates where I am from.

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