Wasted Time

Daily writing prompt
How do you waste the most time every day?

Xenia here. The humans are asleep. I was on the prowl at 3:30 this morning to guard the house, and they wasted the entire night in bed. They don’t realize how much I sacrifice to keep their home safe. There was that time when the young eagle got the squirrel outside the fence. Did I run away? No! OK, I did retreat to the porch, but that was prudent.

I’ll just have to get a nice long stairway aria going. He does respond so well to my singing…it’s time for breakfast!

Max here. Dogs don’t waste time. I’m busy 24/7 licking myself, planning how to requisition food supplies, scouting the trash, and guarding the house against chipmunk invasion. Didn’t you know that the chipmunk apocalypse was a real thing? Bless you! Of course, it is. They run around looking so cute until, wham! They’re in the house stealing the food and getting into the trash. Everyone knows that you can’t do that!

What the hell? The cat is screaming again. Ah, it’s breakfast time. I’ll trot into the kitchen; perhaps, he won’t notice the napkins I tore up last night. I hate it when I get busted just before breakfast. No wet food, just dry. Nobody understands me!