Cannon Fodder

Daily writing prompt
What do you enjoy most about writing?

There’s an adage about making an enemy of an author – don’t- You’ll find yourself crafted into a fool, victim, or villain who meets a bad end. You’ll have a debilitating condition, a nasty mental disorder, or get crucified during the mystery adventure.

This adage has been around since Greek Tragedy and is currently used; it is not obsolete. In fact, people like me have a queue of people who we are just waiting to place on the cusps of insane tragedies, automobile crashes, and natural disasters. It’s part of the charge I get out of writing!

So if you should see me measuring you up, checking your details, and confirming your personality ticks, I advise you to proceed cautiously. In my next wartime epic, I need additional cannon fodder. 

Take a 42 regular, don’t you?