The Great Unknown?

Daily writing prompt
Why do you blog?

Traipsing around the internal real estate of your mind for fun and little profit that’s what a blog is. Occasionally, inspiration for my blog comes from what is happening in the broader world, but most often, I am dredging the depths of my own experience and imagination. It’s all from within the skull, baby! 

It’s like a big flea market of assorted goods, and the file retrieval system is a bit obsolete. You never quite know what will bubble to the surface.

Myself, I haven’t been into the lower stacks for a few years. Who knows what lurks there? Every once in a while, something crawls out and has to be beaten back with the big stick by the desk. There are lacunas back there that are large enough to swallow entire short novels of blog posts. Like the old maps, I sometimes draw sea monsters on the darker recesses as warnings that there are leaking ceilings, holes in the floor and awful messes that I left behind ages ago.

Dig around in there at your own risk. But don’t say that I didn’t warn you.