My Way

Daily writing prompt
What details of your life could you pay more attention to?

I’ve been told by gurus of lifestyle change that I should live in the present, not sweat the small stuff, and let go of things that don’t spark passion. I’m not sure what would be left of my unique, confused, and scattered lifestyle if I tried all those things simultaneously. I might sully the comfortable but idiosyncratic conglomerative mess I call life for someone else’s concept of how I should live.

I think it was that great lifestyle guru I knew as my Uncle Lenny, who said he belonged to the Sinatra School of Life – “I did it my way.

Well, it’s not breaking news, but I’ve decided Frank had it right. I’ll do it my way, and if you are nearly satisfied with your own life, that’s what I advise for you, too.

And that pile of self-help books you keep getting for birthdays and Christmas? They make pretty good firestarters for the woodstove or fireplace…but come to think about it, the paper should be compostable, too. You know, come up with your way of getting rid of them!

Wasn’t there another one on not getting hung up on details?