A Bowl Begins

Daily writing prompt
What have you been working on?

The shop is overwhelmed with chips, dust, hunks, and piles. There are piles of half-done projects, which all need to be done by the beginning of December. You observe with a sly grin that to do that, I’ll be working until midnight every night. That’s too true, but I can be stealthy about doing quiet things like using the card scraper, writing notes, or applying finishes.

Right now, I’ve started the first of a series of reasonably large cherry bowls. I aim to have eight of these ready to go in December; with the grain pattern, I suspect some of them will be absolute stunners.

It’s been observed that there is a big difference between my two carving styles. One is the boat and ship portraits, eagles, and other carvings that I refer to as detail work. On the other side is the free-flowing work represented by the bowls, spoons, and a few different types of carving. Cutting boards just don’t fit in either category, though.

In terms of proportions, I probably produce a greater volume of the free-flowing items, but the detail carvings require more significant planning and execution. 

need both. After a detailed carving, I appreciate a more unrestricted form that allows me to play around.

The photos illustrate the early stages of carving a bowl. The fun thing is not knowing what will come out of it. Uncertainty can be a lot of fun, not in a portrait, but in a bowl; it’s part of why you are carving it.