A Podcast?

Back when podcasts became the thing, I was into many of the history lectures presented by several universities. It was enlightening, enjoyable, and educational. But I gradually gave them up because, on my average day, I had very little time to sit around and listen. Then, too, I found many of the podcasters to be more than a bit pompous. I put up with my idiocy while working in the shop. I don’t have time for someone else.  Brandishing a sharp knife while reacting to some idiot on your iPhone is not a good thing.

In the morning, the thud, thud, thud of little kitty footsteps and applications of accu-claw wake me. I have the cats and dog to feed. The wood stove to tend to, wood to load into the house for the fire, my coffee and breakfast, a review of email, the news to read, and a daily schedule to monitor. Then, I must compose a blog post, edit video files, and get myself off to the TV station. Later, I have to check emails for work, try to get some carving done, and read more news. After dinner, I read fiction and non-fiction, check my blog, play with the cats and dogs, and do anything else I haven’t done. I’ve made this seem much more organized than it is, but in general, I am not idle, and I’d have to be idle to listen to a podcast.

Somewhere in my mind is the nascent idea that I should start a podcast. Nah, who has the time?

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