Sandstone Architectural Detail – last on the card, April 2023

The facade of our local department store had been “refreshed in either the late forties or early fifties. But, unfortunately, the materials employed in its construction hadn’t aged well. And parts were thick with old pigeon nests, accumulated dirt, and rust. Sporadic cleanings hadn’t kept up with the effects of age, pigeons, and downtown pollution.
Unlike many small city department stores, ours hadn’t seen a mass desertion of customers to mall stores. It managed to live on while its nearby mall counterparts recently closed. Perhaps feeling flush with its survival, management decided to redo the storefront.
Off came the old, and the older sandstone carvings of the 19th-century facade came into view. Not all had received kind treatment from workers slapping on the “modern” facade in the forties. The one illustrated here, part of the older, more formal front entrance, was severely damaged while slapping on the modern materials.
I will see if they restore the original or go “modern.”

Flytrap Flower

It’s not open yet, and I have no idea what it will look like when it does open. But this Venus Flytrap is apparently very happy sharing the kitchen window with the orchids. I’ve had other carnivorous plants flower before, but not the flytrap.
This was an interesting last on the card for March.

Last photo on the card – February, 2022

I run an access television station, and electronic waste piles up over several years time. We had old cabling, monitors, printers, cameras, servers, switchers and mixers that had outlived their useful life by as much as ten years. I was fortunate to find a recycler who would take it all for free. He repurposes, resells or scraps what he takes, and , makes a profit on our waste. A good deal for all in my opinion. anyway I had to make a series of pictures that gave him an advance idea of what he’d being picking up- my last photo on the card for the month of February.

Last on The Card October

Anywhere near Salem is off our list at the very end of October. So off we went to Rockport instead, hoping to do a bit of shopping for Christmas. Acting as a benefactor to local merchants is not a bad thing. Amirite – as the new slang goes?

But anyway nothing photographic appeared that I just had to shoot. In boredom I spotted this, and thought I might find an appropriate time to use it. Today.

This poor telephone pole has been abused for years. The staples, tacks and nails may be part of what hold it together now.

Last Photo on the Card – June 2021 – Fort William Park, Maine

Taken last weekend at Fort William Park In Cape Elizabeth, Maine. the park features sweeping views pf the Atlantic, Portland Harbor, a nineteenth century Coastal fortification and Portland Head Light. There is also an elaborately landscaped garden. the site itself was a coastal artillery fort until 1929. Worthwhile a visit! this was the last photo of the month and of that visit.

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