National Dog Day

The incredibly handsome hound in this photo is Samuel Tiberius (named for Captain Kirk!) Carreras; Sam reminded me that today was National Dog Day. Being that the cat gets so much attention in this blog, Sam has requested some time. 

Sam is an Australian cattle dog/ German shorthaired pointer mix. In terms of behavior, his cattle dog heritage is dominant. He acts as the Palace Guard and protector of his sister Xenia, Empress of all she surveys.

Like most herd dogs, he likes his herd, human and feline, to be where they belong. His ongoing frustrations get caused by the herd’s complete lack of understanding that he is the boss.

Biographical Notes:

Age- 15

Born – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Favorite treats – dad’s sea biscuits, vanilla ice cream

Turn-ons – chasing chipmunks and squirrels

Sworn duties – Herding the cat and his humans

Turnoffs- getting wet – dad may go for all this water stuff, but a good cattle dog likes dry land!

Sam won’t tell you that the chipmunks refer to him as “Killer” for his murderous behavior towards them. The cat hates it that he always snitches to me when she is about to do something terrible, which is at least twice a day.

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