I was sorting through a pile of old documents from undergrad days and found the poster below. I’ve written previously about the Gray Menace – Clancy J. Bümps- But you didn’t know about his celebrity status at the University. While he did not enroll or graduate, he did frequently attend classes. He was often rude. For example, at one lecture by a favorite professor of mine, he jumped up on the desk and proceeded to clean his butt. When the giggling got too loud, the professor turned around and, knowing the Gray Menace, asked if that were his personal or professional opinion of the lecture. Clancy stared him down and kept on cleaning.

I began to have regular cookouts at my tiny house by the railroad tracks in my undergrad days. It was an industrial area, so after hours, the parties could go late, and if it got loud, there were few to complain, and they were at the cookout. Clancy became a part of the festivities, as you can see from the below poster.

Good times.

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