Temporarily homeless, the Jones' boat was the best I could do. Spinney had promised to shift me to something more suitable ASAP. But for now, I was "boat sitting" for the Jones family, and they had allocated the dusty forward berth for the sitter.


In graduate school, my focus was on maritime communities. For anyone who has read more than one or two posts in this blog, that's no surprise.


Miss Piggy, our OR supervisor, would tell you in strong terms that it was her job to run an OR, not to cater to a technician's foibles.


My shops tend to get set up wherever there is room; esthetics be damned.


It was reported elsewhere on the internet today that this was National Merry-Go-Round Day. How appropriate.


workers spend money on foolish things every year. Why? We see it on the web in a video or the catalog and realize that it is the solution to a problem we do not have. So out flashes the credit card, and next week we are looking for storage space for the new item.


"Don't rain on my parade!" The young woman who whispered this to me did so as I pointed out that the exact idiom used in 1965 had been just "cool," not "like cool."


The sixties and early seventies were a time of complications for radicals, conservatives, and drones.


I bought this as a light box to photograph small items for the e-commerce site I'l planning on starting