There was a mouse aboard. The Cap'n was indifferent. My wife and mother in law adamant; it had to go. On this point, they would not capitulate.


"Don't worry; it will all work out." if you hear those words run like hell for the exit.

One Trick Pony

You may be familiar with the Paul Simon song One Trick Pony. The individual in it has one talent. But it's so good; it's all he needs.


My best friend Bill had a favorite phrase that would pop up anytime he'd have to think his way out of some idiot situation he'd into which he'd fallen. He'd have to "cogitate my veritabilities."


Proteus was known for his ability to escape by changing his shape or appearance. It's a handy skill to have when you need it. On the other hand being Protean to conceal your lack of conviction can brand you as shallow.