Father accused me of being churlish. The $95 charge to poison control was the issue.

I can’t help that they left those wonderful nuts out where I could reach them. I was still licking out the container when Dad got home. Yum. They were almost as good as the chocolate fudge coffee brownies I ate last month. Mom was mad at me then. Now, that was fantastic! Yes, I was up all night and had to pee a lot, but now I watch Mom closely when she bakes.

Maybe she’ll leave something out and forget how high I can reach. As Father likes to say, “Hope springs eternal.” But it is just my great legs for jumping high and clearing the kitchen counter.

I have to go to practice now, see you later!

10 Replies to “Jumper”

  1. Oh, Max–do be careful, sweet boy. Chocolate fudge coffee brownies??!! Here, let me give you my contact info for next time… πŸ˜†

  2. I empathise. I constantly tell my family not to leave the corn chips on the bench where I can reach them. Turns out I can also eat them if I use the step ladder to reach the top shelf of the pantry. It is so satisfying.

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