Life Boat

It's interesting to note what sort of prejudices people dispose of in need or acquire in leisure.


The Operating Room supervisor said no. My girlfriend said yes.


Life is not always lived at a furious pace. The conductor turns the page, and the moderate pace of an andante begins.


I love to watch the inexperienced motor out of the river mouth and into the ocean.


One of the lessons my parents struggled to impart to me was that adventure is a relative term. A trip to the beach is a great adventure at age six. At sixteen, it's a routine summer activity. It can also be dangerous.


To quote the old Mickey and Sylvia song, "Love is strange." There is no ordinary on that carousel, and sometimes you need to jump off before the music ends. That's how it was for one summer entanglement that I had in Boston.


The owner wanted to dump the property in the worst possible way. It would have been too kind to describe it as a fixer-upper.

Boot Stripe

The origin of the boot stripe is lost in time but probably dates back to some Viking bosun who needed to find an occupation for the crew between raiding sessions, cow tipping, and drinking. It's a picky job