Daily writing prompt
What could you let go of, for the sake of harmony?

We are a bunch of selfish oafs if you ask me. Compromise, hell no. Give up something I prize; you must be kidding? So when asked what I’d yield for harmony, I balked.

Being a quibbler, I automatically asked: for whom and why? We all yield things for harmony in relationships, even if it’s only agreeing to be quieter coming home after a late night at work, not partying with the boys every evening, or stopping avoiding domestic tasks like washing dishes. I like to wash but hate to dry, so I had a major existential crisis when asked to dry and put away. I had already yielded significant ground by agreeing to fold laundry; once again, I like to wash but hate to put away dry clothes. If the heap system was OK for me as a bachelor, why is it now verboten?

Let’s face it there are limits. Harmony is fine, but what about fundamental liberties? Where in the lexicon of terms regarding harmony does it say deprivation of fundamental freedoms is a good thing?
I’m going on strike. No more dishwashing until harmony is restored!

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