Uppity Characters

For those who have read a few of my stories, and are familiar with the characters in them:

OK. This is for all you bloggers out there who write “stories.” You know who you are, and don’t think I don’t see you slinkin’ down in your seat just like you did in high school!
I gotta tug on your coat tails about somethin’ been bothering me. You know I’ve been hanging out at those low sort of disepitomable bistros around town, just trying to avoid them. You know! Sheesh! Do I have to spell it out? My characters. Do yours crowd in on you too?
I can’t sleep! First, it was the Cap’n – well, I know how to handle him; take away the darned pipe. Then it was the entire Folkie Palace crew – those guys are nuts. Pretty soon, Spinney and Mr. Bishop, the whole kit and kaboodle: “Why are you not utilizing my skills?” “It’s been a year since I had a good story – Whattsamatta – you lost it?” “Hey, you wanna sleep – make sure it’s me.”
That was the humans. The Grey Menace showed up with his contract and an agent saying he was owed a story a month, or his clause ( claws?) for O negative would kick in.
You know this used to be fun…I gotta go the waitress is lookin’ at me funny.

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