Damn! I hate genie stories. First of all, they all assume that genies have integrity issues. The genie is always trying to trick you into some idiotic mistake of syntax or grammar that sends you off on some spooktacular journey.

I think that most of the bad feelings are an apparent effort to transfer or project our own ethical and moral issues onto another creature. Consider, if you will, the impoverished existence of your typical genie. There they are, stuck inside a bottle for generations on end. Then some doofus does the old rub-a-dub, and they must be profusely grateful, full of charisma, and joyful to grant your tawdry wishes- and we know all about you, Chuck, Charlie, and Josey- and be grateful.

So if by some chance you do chance upon a poor genie’s undersized abode, be considerate of their lack of amenities. Consider wishing they might have Netflix, decent internet speeds, and DoorDash. For once stop thinking about yourself!

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