One Trick Pony

You may be familiar with the Paul Simon song One Trick Pony. The individual in it has one talent. But it’s so good; it’s all he needs. Most of the rest of us are jealous of the virtuosity. We have a jagged handful of lesser abilities, nothing so flagrant that people oh and ah when we get up—just everyday people working hard to do well.

After a while, you realize that it does no good to get wound up and bellicose about the one trick. I think it was Edison who said that invention was ninety-nine perspiration and one percent inspiration. So you settle down to getting all your more minor talents working cooperatively to make a more considerable talent.

It’s true. Your path in life will not be one of relaxing in country comfort on the porch glider. You’ll be sitting at your desk at six AM pounding out a short story, poem, or song. In the background, you’ll be listening to your favorite one-trick pony sing. But, your interest and attention will be on your achievements as they slowly rack up.

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  1. Very pertinent and truthful post, Lou. All we really need is one good talent that we can make money from. So should we only focus on doing one thing well? Who knows! I like a lot of things badly myself.

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