Contrary to popular beliefs, sailors are not superstitious. That’s claptrap the college folklorists made up to sell books. We are no more liable to think a bogyman is haunting our boat than the average person.

In my esteemed opinion, sailors are among the more rational of God’s creations.

Just note:

  1. Sailing on a Friday is bad juju.
  2.  Please do not come aboard with bananas – same as above.
  3. Please! No whistling
  4.  It’s bad luck to disturb Blackie, our cat mascot; he brings us good luck.
  5. No sky pilots, or bead jinglers, are allowed on board ( ministers to the uninitiated).
  6. Never say anything bad about Davy Jones’ Locker. It’s where all our lost items go, and we’d like to have a chance at recovering them.
  7. Oh. One last thing, Jonah’s will be deep-sixed over the side. So, if you’re a Jonah, are worried that you might be a Jonah, or have ever been called a Jonah – don’t come near us!
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