The Desk

We visited a cluttered tool store: Captain Tinkham's Emporium. The store is a sort of tool Mecca for woodworkers. Looking for a set pf feathering planes for fairing out lapstrake planking? Try the Captain's.


"Now let the tool do the work. The edge is sharp. All you have to do is guide it." That was me to a student at the WoodenBoat School years ago. More recently, sensei said to me, "Lou, the sword is sharp, let it do the cutting. All you have to do is guide it." …

Turning Over A Steam Launch (with brawn)

If you are curious about how to turn over a large steam launch - without large powered lifts you might find this little video of interest The video was a sort of by product of some other work I did for Wooden Boat Publications a few years ago.